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This era of digital finance has firmly cemented its love of dogs and puppies while ignoring the beauty of our feline companions and their coy affections. Breaking from this dog-centric cryptosphere and its traditions comes Schrodinger and its native token, $KITTYDINGER. promotes the face of an orange-furred cat, representing the “Schrodinger’s Cat” meme, as its logo and its identity as Elon Musk’s cat.
Schrodinger’s cat meme has gained prominence over the years following the introduction of the thought experiment proposed by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935 to illustrate a problem with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. To instantiate his argument with this notion, he devised a thought experiment in which a cat is placed in a steel container along with a Geiger counter, a tiny amount of a radioactive substance and a flask of hydrocyanic acid that would shatter if one atom of the radioactive substance decays. Based on the Copenhagen interpretation, the cat inside the box would be both dead and alive until someone lifted the lid of the box. Schrödinger's thought experiment has also become part of the popular culture [2] lexicon through webcomics, image macros and videos inspired by the idea. Notably, Elon Musk joined in the trend and named one of his cats, Schrodinger.


Kitty Dinger is a community-driven development project which places the decision-making, authority, and resource handling to the holders of Kitty Dinger. It applies the true concept of blockchain decentralization in letter and spirit. The level of the network is achieved by a combined effort of the Kitty community. We are governed by two big Ds: Democratization and Decentralization, which establishes transparency throughout every step of the development process of Kitty Dinger.
Schrodinger focuses on building an ecosystem of decentralized applications while generating funds to support charities around the world. We believe that by creating a community-driven token that supports and is intrinsically linked to non-profits worldwide, we can play a role in making the world a better place.
Through the development of pre-eminent utilities, Schrodinger aims to expose its community of investors to early access to defi startups and keep scams miles away from its policies, strategies, and techniques. Every measure will be taken to keep the security, credibility, and transparency at the top of its priority list. The development of Kitty Dinger will not be the success of any single individual, but of the community as a whole.
The Schrodinger project is registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Colorado.

Mission Statement

To excel in the cryptocurrency market through multiple innovative use cases, credibility, and transparency with a community-driven and community-focused approach.
Kitty Dinger brings a train of incentives to lovers of cryptocurrency, community development, democracy, and... well, cats. Through our shared passionate vision and common interests, the Kitty Dinger community will truly revolutionize the concept of cryptocurrency and benefit everyone involved.


One Trillion Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000


KittUp wallet is a simple, efficient and secure multichain wallet which integrates multiple addresses on different blockchains such as ETH, BSC, BTC, Avax, Solana, Polygon, TRX, Cardano and Kadena. Future updates will be developed to have a wallet extension and support more chains.

Splash Screen:

The splash screen opens once the user clicks on the app icon to open up the app. This is an information screen with a logo and a textual tag line about the app. It appears for only a few milliseconds.


This screen gives a complete overview of the total balances in invested tokens that exist in the user’s wallet address.

Defi Access:

The decentralized application has its backend built on a decentralized peer to peer network that combines a smart contract and a frontend user interface. The below protocols are listed in Defi Access:
Staking section, Yield Farming, DEX, Smart Chain and Games.

Kitt Swap:

Kitt Swap offers users a medium to exchange ERC20 tokens natively in the app. The swap function uses Uniswap API.


Users can set their preferences and customize their wallet from this page.
Manage Wallets: Manage multiple wallets conveniently.
Security: Access security features such as 2-FA Currency.
Preference: Choose default currency for the coin prices.
Wallet Connect: Connectivity to Dapps Backup.
Wallet: Shows the mnemonics to the user for further usage.
Dark mode/Light mode: Choose between dark and light theme color display.


Kittpad Incubator is a revenue generating scheme of the Schrodinger ecosystem. One of the goals of Kittpad is to provide $KittyDinger investors early access to propitious projects. Through incubated projects, Kittpad also aims to generate and distribute passive income to investors with a share of their $KittyDinger holdings staked in the KittUp wallet application.

Flash Launches:

These are stealth launches of vetted and promising projects developed by different project teams. The Schrodinger project will collaborate with other project teams and provide them some assistance in the launch of their projects. Incubated launches will have no presales. Upon the successful launches of these projects, the Schrodinger team will invest some of the funds generated from the $KittyDinger transaction fee into the acquisition of a percentage of the supply of these tokens. Purchases will be made directly from the market.

Growth Initiative:

The Schrodinger growth initiative empowers bottomed out projects with great utilities and dedicated teams. It is apparent the current market favors mostly meme tokens, while projects with substantial utilities struggle to stay afloat and keep up with the changing trends. With the help of good researchers, the growth initiative aims to discover, elucidate and create more awareness about these projects, and bring them to the forefront of cryptocurrency investors. The Schrodinger project will also invest some funds into the acquisition of a percentage of these tokens.

Early Access:

Kittpad Incubator is focused on exposing our investors to promising new launches. 60% of the investment made into incubated projects will be claimable by all $KittyDinger investors within 48 hours after launch.

Passive Income:

Another objective of Kittpad Incubator is the generation and distribution of passive income. Only $KittyDinger stakers have the perk of earning the rewards of the profit made from the Incubator. The investments made in all projects under Kittpad incubator are distributed in the following proportion.
60% of the purchased tokens will be claimable by all $KittyDinger holders within 48 hours after launch.
20% of the purchased tokens will be traded for stable coins within 30days. Partnerships will be established with reputable traders to ensure this is accomplished in an expert manner so as to protect incubated projects, while concurrently maximizing profit. The stable coins will be made available for stakers to claim on the Kittpad dashboard.
20% of the purchased tokens will be held long term in the treasury and traded at an appropriate time. This will, in turn, be claimable from the dashboard by stakers.


The NFT’s are the keys to the game play of the Kittmanji Metaverse P2E game. To access the features of the game, players need to own at least one NFT character. Players interact with the game mechanics through the NFTs. This implies that two players can start the game with two different Kitty Dinger Characters, which gives them different user experiences. This simple design structure will induce a ceaseless rise in the value of the NFTs as the game gains more popularity.
The NFT’s are your keys to the game play of the Kittmanji Metaverse P2E game. To access the features of the game, players need to own at least one NFT character. Players interact with the game mechanics through the NFTs. This implies that two players can start the game with two different Kitty Dinger Characters, which gives them different user experiences. This simple design structure will induce a ceaseless rise in the value of the NFTs as the game gains more popularity.
Also, by staking your NFT to the platform, holders will earn back ETH rewards to help fuel their wallets. In fact, 50% of the secondary sales royalties on OpenSea are distributed backed to staked holders! So, if the Kitties Collection achieves 200 ETH trading volume, 20 ETH is earned in royalties (10% on every sale). That means 10 ETH is distributed to those who stake their NFTs. Passive income is the best income…don’t you think?
Beyond the metaverse, the NFTs also have some perks that reward the unwavering support of its early holders. Each NFT holder gets access to a private group which comes with tons of benefits. The name “OG COLLECTION” was inspired by this reward system. One of the membership perks is an extra 10% airdrop from Kittpad Incubator projects as a bonus for NFT ownership. So, as more projects are onboarded, Kitties holders will earn more tokens than the rest of the community.


Kittmanji is a 3D adventure game set in an endangered animal kingdom. The main character Kitty Dinger embarks on multiple missions to save the forest animals from threats and lurking danger. The player paves his way through the forest running and fighting howling hyenas, zombies and Cobra, climbing mountains, avoiding avalanches, jumping and free-falling from deadly waterfalls in his way.
Each level has a mission to save the last existing species (clan) of different animals. There are the Shiba clan, Floki clan, Shibnobi clan, Wolf clan and so on. The leaders of the saved Klans join Kitty Dinger on his mission and are added to the character profile. Players can switch between these characters.
Enter the KittManji Verse: Prepare to tear it up in epic locations. Unlock exciting wild new environments as you play.
Select Your Avatar: Gaming is so much more exciting when you can choose your character. Unlock new characters by completing missions.
Menacing Missions: Rescue animal clans from dangerous threats. Protect Kittmanji!
Unique Skills: Take advantage of each character’s special skills.


Training Mode: Practice and learn to navigate through Kittmanji and build up you skills. Players do not earn in this mode.

Story Mode:

Go on missions to rescue endangered animal clans and save Kittmanji. Different stories and prizes can be unlocked by completing Special Missions.

P2P Mode:

This multiplayer mode allows players to choose between being the villian or the hero and battle against each other. Players can stake on the result of the battles.

Tournament Mode:

Live tournaments where a timer is set on each mission and players compete to be the fastest to complete the missions. Winners get a grand prize.


Schrodinger aims to support both human and animal non-profit foundations by providing necessary supplies and monetary funds to help improve the well-being of affected victims. We believe that by creating a community-driven token that supports and is linked to non-profits around the world, we can all benefit.


Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
KittyDingernft Launch
KittUp Wallet Chainlink integration
KittUp Wallet Audit
KittUp Wallet & Kittpad Launch
KittyDinger mega Buyback/Burn & Marketing
KittPad Dashboard Demo
KittyDinger marketing Campaign
KittyDinger tier 1-2 Cex listings
KittPad Dashboard Launch
KittyDinger Youtube Marketing campaign
KittUp Wallet 100k users
Kittmanji Launch
Kittmanji Tournament
KittyDinger staking USDT Distribution
KittyDinger times Square Billboard
KittyDinger marketing Campaign
KittyDinger Wikipedia Page
KittyDinger Kittchain (Layer 2 Blockchain)
KittyDinger global Outreach
KittUp Wallet V2
KittyDinger airdrop to kittup Wallet Users
1 million KittUp Wallet Users


Kitty Dinger will develop a community of common interests, respect, and dedication. It will bring security, reliability, transparency, and honesty to a realm that sorely needs it. The true concept of decentralized finance will be practiced on Kitty Dinger in letter and in spirit. Its uniquely engineered wallet, multichain launchpad, p2E game and focus on charity are so well-tuned, that Kitty Dinger will become a force of great change in crypto. There is no realm we can’t conquer together.
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